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If you would like to share a testimonial or have private feedback regarding your experience at Kokoro Massage, please e-mail me at:

I will never share your feedback without your permission.

“I feel like a million bucks! The Bowenwork took away all my aches and pains!”

-- Sherry

"[The results from Bowenwork] were amazing. I have been sleeping really good every night since the treatment. My neck and back feel really good. My sinuses are so much better and I have had this feeling of euphoria ever since my treatment. Just a great feeling of happiness and joy, much more than usual. Thank you so much for practicing on me. I believe that you are getting your techniques down really good."

-- Janet

"Having hurt my knee in such a way that I was told I would need surgery, some friends of mine recommended that I try Bowenwork and massage as it can help before and after surgery. I decided to give it a shot and began visiting Lindsey once a week for two months before my surgery and one month after. Although I had no method for making an experiment of this, my recovery was significantly faster than average, and I wholeheartedly feel that Lindsey's efforts had something to do with it. Aside from this, she is kind and relaxing to be around and was able to loosen up places I didn't even know were tight. Thank you for everything Lindsey, I look forward to our next appointment!"

-- John

“I have been suffering with severe chronic pain in the lower back area, without any relief. I am a very active 72 year old male and my life came to a crashing halt due to this injury over 10 weeks ago. I was not able to stand upright, needed assistance just getting up from a sitting position, and was unable to leave my home. Desperately seeking relief, I chose to enlist a chiropractor searching for any possible relief. Over several weeks, I received numerous weekly, aggressive treatments from the chiropractor without any results. I could no longer endure the pain from these treatments and had to stop.

Thanks to a close friend who experienced chronic sciatica pain for many years I was informed about the "Bowen Technique", and the amazing results they experienced afterwards. I immediately found your Web Site on the Internet and set up my first appointment with you 4 weeks ago. Being rather skeptical, after you performed my first treatment, I thought that there was no way anyone could possibly get any relief or results from such a gentle, relaxing, and pain free process. However, after each session, my pain slowly began to diminish, and I can only speak for myself. Today, (which was our 4th. and last session), I’m willing to swear as I left your office that I am currently 100% totally pain free, absolutely no discomfort, able to stand upright, and walk alone without any assistance or support from a walker or cane! Thank you so much for your knowledge, professionalism, expertise, but most of all for giving me my life back. I am most grateful.”
-- James

“Lindsey Frazier has a gentle, intuitive touch. When I received a session of Bowenwork from her, I arrived skeptical. The technique seemed remarkably simple to be so profound. Lindsey explained Bowenwork and what I might expect. She explained that it was a sort of “reset” for your muscles. After the session I felt great, had more energy and my cervical pain was gone. I'm not sure if it was related, but my sinuses cleared as well. I would recommend Lindsey to anyone who is interested in this unique technique, even (and maybe especially) if you’re skeptical.”

-- Sabrina

"I feel like I have found an empathetic and knowledgeable ally on my journey toward holistic health."

- Kati

“My right arm was cut to the bone in an accident in 2011. There was physical and emotional trauma, my arm took a long time to heal, and even after it “healed”, it was constantly sore. After meeting Lindsey in 2013 and hearing about Bowenwork, I was intrigued. And though it takes a lot for me to trust someone with such a deep injury, somehow I knew I could trust Lindsey to work on me. I had several Bowenwork sessions with her, each more amazing than the last. Not only do I now have no pain, but I’m shocked to find that I’m doing things I could not do before! I didn’t realize how much the injury was limiting me until I was treated with Bowenwork. And I’ve never experienced such a level of emotions, clarity, and so many smiles! Lindsey is truly a kind, understanding, and warm-hearted woman. The experience I had with her and Bowenwork will always have a place in my heart.”

–- Matt

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