reconnecting the body & mind

"I'm simply amazed at how such a light-touch can make me feel so 'gosh dang' incredible.

Is this magic?"

Not quite, but it might feel like it. Bowenwork is a deeply
relaxing and effective soft-tissue massage therapy technique performed over specific points on the body with the therapist’s fingers and thumbs. These gentle moves directly impact the nervous system and initiate full-body re-balancing and healing via the fascial (connective tissue) network. Bowenwork works from within according to your body’s own individual blueprint of ideal health and has helped countless worldwide tap into their own physiological, restorative abilities. Bowenwork can help alleviate many conditions; from stress and anxiety, to chronic fatigue and insomnia, and even acute injuries, chronic pain, and once in a while even serious illnesses.

Bowenwork is for everybody. Throughout our lives, the body and the the brain can become disconnected. This happens because of trauma, disorders, disabilities, accidents and injuries, repetitive strain, sickness, dysphoria, dysmorphia, difficulties in the womb or when we were born, and so much more. The disconnect is a defense mechanism: it aims to protect us from feeling too overwhelmed during especially stressful times in our lives, minds, and bodies. But if the body and the mind do not re-connect, we can struggle to heal or feel whole.

Bowenwork attempts to repair this disconnect and gently reintroduce the body to the mind. It balances and heals non-invasively and at your body's own pace so anyone of any age, condition, or handicap may benefit.


Colicky infants, persons using wheelchairs or crutches, athletes and workout buffs seeking to boost their performance, seniors, people suffering from emotional/physical trauma or depression, kids and adults experiencing mental or physical disabilities or disorders, pregnant women, mothers, fathers, people preparing to pass on, those getting ready for or recovering from surgery, dancers, psychonauts, stressed-out college students, veterans, overworked businessfolk, yogis, and even animals can ALL benefit from Bowenwork.

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Massage Therapy

relax, recover, renew

Massage therapy is a system of bodywork that helps alleviate pain, improve athletic performance, increase awareness, and pamper the body by creating space in the muscles, releasing adhesions, and soothing the nervous system so that the body can heal and the client can further enjoy all areas of their life. Massage therapy is comprehensive, affecting many systems in the body, and like most bodywork it builds upon itself consecutively. Client and practitioner work together with positive healing intention and flexible treatment plans to create a more profound transformation with each successive session.

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Lindsey R. Frazier, LMT
License #MA60398443

"Hands healing from the heart."





Lindsey "Warmest Hands in the West" Frazier is a licensed massage therapist and registered Bowenwork practitioner. She is passionate about bodywork and seeks to help her clients reach their goals through comprehensive, adaptable treatment plans that specifically target their concerns. Her personalized approach, positive intention, and warm energy make her a wonderful therapeutic fit for anyone seeking to balance and enjoy their life with the help of bodywork.

Lindsey utilizes a number of modalities including:

  • Swedish relaxation massage

  • Bowenwork Therapy

  • deep tissue techniques

  • myofascial and trigger point release

  • compression, tapotement, jostling, rocking

  • range of motion and stretching

  • energywork


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Lindsey Frazier of Kokoro Massage


By Appointment Only | Tues, Weds, Thurs, Fri 10:30am-5pm

call/text: (360)306-0191 | e-mail:

located in South Bay Suites at 1140 10th Street, Suite #214 Bellingham, WA 98225